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School Master's House

The School Masters’ House is available to hire and is a popular venue for workshops, community children’s art club, a yoga studio and other community events. Hirage is just $23 (GST inclusive) and includes kitchen facilities, including a gas ring, chairs and tables, wifi and power. And the log burner has always made it very cosy in winter.


The School Masters’ house has been home to a Tryphena school teacher, a doctor’s surgery and yoga studio, then a boxing club. It was originally erected next to the school in Tryphena which opened in 1884. Children of the Blackwell, Blair, Finn, Medland and Sanderson families attended the school, and their descendants still live on the island today. In 1971 Bill Cadman bought the house, took it apart and moved it to Barleyman Farm (now Clairs Sports and Social club). Once re-erected with some additions, it was occupied by the Cadman family, until the property was sold to Ross Brody. Dr Di Nash used the house as medical clinic for a while in the 70s, then the next owners were Jim Colquhoun and his wife Edna. In 1987 the buildings were used temporarily by the Claris club, until a new building was erected. In the 1990s the building was used for a number of community purposes, including a childcare centre. In 2004, it made its way to the Gray Road site and began its next life as the Art Gallery, whilst restorations of the Mabey house were completed, and then in December 2009 the gallery was officially opened.

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